Saturday, April 25, 2009

Oh hi! I guess this is my wedding blog.

So. I've been doing a lot of wedding research and reading and it's probably too much for my own good, but damn it, I'm excited to get hitched! Part of what I've been reading about is these new fangled wedding blogs and "wedsites" and how handy-dandy they are when it comes to keeping your friends and family informed and up-to-date with your plans. And, well, as much as I keep thinking, "Marie. Seriously. What makes you think people want to read about this?" I also find myself addicted to surfing the internets and reading other people's wedding blogs. Not to mention, it just looks fun.

So here it is. Kris and Marie's wedding blog.

We're still in the very early stages of finally fully researching venues and things, so there's no definite date, but we're aiming to tie the knot sometime this coming October (2009), which means it's going to be a quick planning schedule, but that's fine.

This is what we know thus far:
  • It's going to be weird and funky, just like us. That's somewhat expected, I should hope.
  • I can't get enough of the color orange, so that'll probably be there to burn people's retinas with love and vibrancy.
  • There'll be lots of books. (Yay!)
  • It's going to be a steampunk-ish, fantastic-imagination-land, RPG-influenced, adventure-and-kisses-themed literary bash. Think movies like Treasure Planet and Howl's Moving Castle or the work of Jules Verne. Think about what it would be like if the future happened in the past- what did people in Victorian England envision the future would look like?
  • There will be black-eyed Susans and daisies, or at least silk ones.
  • And The New Pornographers (which is an awesome musical band, for those of you not in the know.)
  • Our friend Ben is going to officiate for us.
  • We're trying to keep it as green and eco-friendly as we can afford.
  • It'll be tons of fun on a small budget, but we're artists and we'll make it fabulous.
  • While I often refer to it as a wedding, it's really a commitment ceremony, in that it's not going to be a legal affair. After long and hard consideration on our part, Kris and I feel that we really just want to spiritually bind ourselves together, and have a big celebration to announce and rejoice in our commitment to each other. The legal stuff will come later, for sure, just... when it feels right, when the state legalizes it, when things in our lives line up enough that it makes sense to sign those papers. But this is the real wedding, the real ceremony, the real commitment, the real thing, just like it's real Love. Some people don't go to town hall to sign those papers until the day after their ceremony. We'll be doing the same thing, only instead of the day after, it might be the month after, or the year or the years. Who knows. The important thing is that we'll be together, and that's what we're celebrating.
Anyway, as we go through the adventure of planning and having a same-sex commitment ceremony, we'll be posting our ups and downs, our excitements and finds; we'll be posting things as we come up with them, as they get set in stone, as they get planned and fabricated.

So come on! Hugs, everyone! That's right. I said it. *hugs*