Tuesday, December 1, 2009


The wedding photos are done. We got the email about an hour ago, saw them online, and hee! They came out beautifully. Tomorrow, K's going to call the photographer to find out what we have to do next. You can order them online, but I know we bought a package with the photographer that gives us credit towards prints, and we get a CD with the high-res images, so we want to make sure we know what we're doing and how to obtain the prints.

At any rate, expect some dumpage of wedding photos and anecdotes in the near future-ish, once we figure out how to obtain them. I'm in the middle of sending out MFA applications, and have deadlines breathing down my neck, and also have a pile of submissions to the journal for which I edit that need reading, so it might take a while, but hang in there! I'm really looking forward to sharing these.



  1. Can you put the photographers web site on here so that I can view the photos ... please? (Remember, it's close to Christmas ... and Santa rewards daughters who answer their mother's requests!)

    Love you!