Monday, October 26, 2009


(Who's there? You ask.)
K and M!
(K and M who? You say.)

First of all, let me just say that the wedding was fantastic, better than anything I could have hoped for. We had fun, we danced, we laughed and cried, we were surrounded by friends and family, people dressed up in awesome costumes, and there was so much love I still kinda tear up thinking about it. We got married. We got married!!

I promise to update with details and pics later. But for now, I'm tired.

K and I have actually been back from the honeymoon for a couple of days now, even though we weren't supposed to be home until today. Because, you guessed it! I got hella sick. *laughing* The first day of the honeymoon, I woke up with the worst sore throat I've ever had, and by day three, we decided we had to come home early because I couldn't even swallow and it hurt to breathe. Turns out I have some kind of infection in my throat- similar to strep. I'm on antibiotics now, and just starting to feel better. So the plan is to try and have honeymoon mark 2 in a week or so. I have my GREs a week from yesterday, and then after that, we'll try it again, and maybe this time we'll get a real vacation, since we didn't actually get to do anything or leave the hotel room, and not even in the fun newly-wed way. *laughing*

Anyway, once I'm feeling better, I'll update with photos and stories and such, promise!

In the meantime, our engagement photos were featured over on So You're EnGAYged! Pretty cool!

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