Saturday, October 3, 2009

Suprise Bachelorette Party Goodness

So last night. LAST NIGHT. *laughing*

K and I thought we were going to dinner with her brother, Shawn, and sister-in-law, Lauren. We thought it was a little weird when we got to the restaurant and we didn't stop at the hostess station, but some guy told us he had a room reserved. We thought it was super weird that as soon as we walked into the room, someone was aiming a camera at us, and is that MO'Brien?

And it was! The result? A fantastic bachelorette party that didn't require us to party separately, some fantastic food and wine, even BETTER company, 3 embarrassing moments that could have been worse and were actually a lot of fun, the revelation that I don't know K's favorite movie, but that's okay, because she didn't know mine either, scrabble, fondue, a whole lot of chewing gum, blinking light-up "bride" sashes (both of which ended up on K by the end of the night), and a whole lot of hugs.

(Photos are courtesy of Jenn - Thanks!!)

Embarrassing moment number 2. There was a slide show. Of embarrassing baby and teen!years photos. What more could you ask for?

Shawn quizzing K about how well she knows me. Neither of us did very well on this exam, but both of us were about 3 glasses of wine in, to be fair.

The aforementioned great company.

It was SO awesome. So thanks, you guys. We had such a great time.

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