Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kris and I have been busy with moving (we're living in the land of boxes right now, but soon we shall leave our cardboard kingdom for a house of siding and real walls.) so I haven't gotten a chance to really update all the progress we've made. There's been a lot, and it's super exciting, and since we've pretty much packed everything we can for now that doesn't include stuff like toothbrushes and clothing, I think I'll take the chance.

We booked the Audubon Center's back field, which is absolutely gorgeous. I feel all giddy every time we go and see it- the scenery is beautiful and the place itself, the people, everything about it is just so perfect. We also booked the tent rental and (surprise!) there are orange linens involved.

Not that I'm addicted to the color or anything.

Oh come on! It's in October! It's seasonally appropriate.

Okay fine. They probably would have been orange even if it were in June. I can't help it.

I should probably find myself a twelve-step program for this or something.

Also, we recently went and bought the fabric for our dresses with the beautiful and gracious Miss Leah, who's been so generous as to volunteer to custom make them for us. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about this. The colors of the fabrics are gorgeous- rich chocolate browns and ivories and traces of gold and copper here and there, brocade and shantung and... incidentally, about the shantung; I wonder which side is supposed to be the "front" - the textured side or the shiny side. Because I think it's supposed to be the shiny side, but Gods, I fell so in love with the textured side, so that's the one we're using. >3> Haha! And Kris is going to have a brocade coat with tails! How cool is that? And I have to go shopping online for some bags o' clockwork pieces or something, if I can find them. My goal is to use the clockwork bits as embellishment instead of beading for my dress.

Anyway, we also booked a photographer! His work is absolutely stunning- the grasp of light and motion and timing and composition in his portfolio makes me so excited that he'll be shooting the event. We've got an engagement session booked for early August, and Kris is really excited about it, which was a nice surprise. She usually hates having her picture taken, but this time she's really looking forward to it.

And the best part about all this? I'm very optimistic about staying within our tight budget. And that is a nice feeling indeed.

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