Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Kris and I just got back from buying our flowers for the wedding. We're using silk flowers since (a) they're eco-friendlier than cut flowers, (b) they'll last longer, and (c) I, unfortunately, have a black thumb and would surely kill any real flowers we bought. Also (d) cut flowers of the real variety are also of the out-of-our-budget variety (mucho dollahs).

Anyway, there's this great little place off 101 in Bedford called the Grenon Trading Company (I wish they had a website, or I'd post it) that has the most realistic silk flowers I've ever seen. and it's a little mom and pop place (we've been trying our best to stay away from big corporate vendors), and most importantly, they were having a 50% off sale, which is why I wanted to get them now.

This means we just bought our centerpiece flowers, my bouquet flowers, our female best-person's bouquet flowers (we have three best-persons shared among Kris and I - two male [my brother Robert and her brother Shawn] and one female [our friend Leah, who is also making our dresses]), flowers for boutonnieres and hair-twinings, and some flowers that will get worked into the book Kris wants to hold in lieu of a bouquet. Also the bubbles and a nice pen for the guest book, ribbon and floral tape and pins for wrapping bouquets, and some little lady bugs for the centerpieces.

All for $100.

True story.

I'm so thrilled. The flowers themselves are gorgeous - black-eyed susans, dasies, red garden anemones, lilly of the valley, little blue and purple flowers that I don't know the name of (did I mention my black thumb?), these green poofy things... They're lovely and I really can't get over how real they look. And seriously? I've seen bridal bouquets alone go for more than a hundred bucks, so I'm feeling great about this. Wildflowers.

I am a happy happy girl right now.

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