Thursday, September 10, 2009

Let There Be Cake!

We ordered our super secret stealth wedding cakes today! We're getting them from this fantastic place in Amherst called the Dutch Epicure and goodness do they bake tasty things. These are stealth wedding cakes because the bakery has not been let in on the information that they are going to be consumed at a wedding, since the use of the W-word tends to lead to unnecessary price jacking.

So we ordered awesome cakes for a "theme party." The theme being steampunk which they had, of course, not heard of. We were originally going to go with some marzipan steampunk decorations, but apparently marzipan requires special care so it won't melt before our awesome party--and we both figure that around the day-before-the-wedding point we might be just a wee bit too stressed to care about the state of marizpan. Marzipan nixed, we're falling back on Plan B: super awesome tasy cakes and DIY.

Have I mentioned that I cant wait? :)

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