Thursday, August 20, 2009

K and I wanted those cheesy "BRIDE! YAY!" t-shirts too, only we didn't want to pay a bajillion bucks for them and we didn't want them bedazzled to hell. Therefore, the obvious solution was to buy some cheap t-shirts from A.C.Moore, and I'd paint them.

So today, I broke out the fabric paint and the fabric markers and had some fun painting! I'm super proud of the results.

This one's K's:

And here's mine:

I tried to make 'em steampunky, so I figured you can't go wrong with robots and clock towers, right? :)


  1. omg. please model!

  2. So totally random, but the high school I'm working at is doing Dracula (with crazy steampunk undertones) and I would love de love to use your epic awesome castle on our shirt design. I can send you one of our finished shirts for free, or pay a fee of some sort if you'd like!! What do you think?