Thursday, August 13, 2009

Some Thoughts on Wedding Uniqueness and the Speshul-Indie-Super-Cool-Kid Image

There's a lot of pressure out there, it seems, to be a Super Speshul Indie Original Politically Conscious Bride.

And I like to think I'm doing all that just fine, but sometimes we need to step back and kind of evaluate things a bit.

I've been thinking about this a lot lately, and then I came across this post over at To Each Her Own, and it made me think.

For instance, Kris and I both have strong political beliefs and a strong aversion to the diamond industry as a whole, so when we decided to buy our rings, we both set out to get Indie Super Cool Cheap Non-Diamond Unique Rings That Say We Are Very Sensible And Green.

Well. I'm here to admit, officially, in a public forum, we both walked away with diamonds. Granted, they're really more like diamond chips, so the cheap part worked out well. And we bought them from a seller (a mainstream one, yes, I'll admit it) that only sells Green diamonds. Guaranteed not to be soaked in the blood of, well, anyone. But there's still this feeling of guilt and a need to explain or defend our choice of diamonds. See? Even now, I'm explaining.

But the rings are beautiful and they make us feel beautiful and they really feel like the perfect symbols of our commitment, you know? And that's really what they are. So who cares?

Why should I feel the need to defend myself? Where is this guilt coming from?

Sometimes that Indie Super Conscious Unique Image needs to be re-evaluated to make sure you're not being unique for the sake of being edgy alone.

It's about so much more than that; it's about being true to yourself and feeling PERFECT and knowing that the beautiful you feel is about so much more than just pretty. So sometimes, traditional and cheap and expected holds something special and unexpected and priceless, and it's good to step back and be brave enough to look past the knee-jerk reaction of Wedding-Industry-Rebellion.

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