Sunday, August 2, 2009

Take a Picture

K and I just got back from our Hey-We're-Getting-Married-Soon Photo Session, which was a lot more fun than I thought it was going to be.

We made funny faces. We hid behind trees and kissed in public (which is weird for us- totally not used to PDA).

Our photographer, Kevin, from NHimages, has been great so far- very comfortable to be around. He gave us good direction, but not so much that we felt like it wasn't us anymore, and he was really good about K's limitations with walking. We went to Mine Falls Park for the session, and he seemed to have just the right amount of "Do you think you can manage this walk to X distance away?" as opposed to just totally ignoring the fact that she was on a cane and assuming she can just keep up whatever, or worse, totally ignoring the fact that she can walk short distances and is capable of, in fact, setting her own pace. It was nice not to have to stop and explain things to him. He took it right in stride, very professionally.

He was also very friendly and easy to chat with, which made it easy to relax enough that the photos won't come out too stiff and nervous looking (I hope). I don't think we were too nervous. I guess we'll find out when we see the photos, which should be ready for us within the month, I think.

It was also pretty cool that he seemed reasonably psyched about the fact that our wedding is going to be fairly non-traditional. I was happy to hear that he enjoys shooting weddings that are out of the norm, because, while we won't be having mud-wrestling or rocket-launching, it certainly won't be typical, either. He even said something about how, as we described what our plans are, that this might be the kind of wedding that he could get the photos published in some kind of magazine or publication or something, which I, for one, think would be pretty kick ass. I guess we'll have to see after everything is done, but for now, I'm really happy knowing that our photographer is easy to work with and easy to get along with. And it was a nice morning, overall (After the initial "Oh shit we have to get up and get our pictures taken oh shit oh shit oh shit aaarhg pfffffft" moments were concluded. We tried to keep them brief.)

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