Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The War of the Flower Beings

One of the benefits of having gone with silk flowers (besides that they're very eco-friendly, re-usable, and mucho cheaper than real ones) is that we get to play with them as far ahead of time as we want.

And we wanted to play with them yesterday. Because it is fun. So there.

Our wonderful friend (and from hence-forth, she shall be referred to as The Bitchin' Bloom Wonder Warrior), Cassie, came over and graciously offered her help to us in this matter for the small price of a few daiquiris. It was well worth it and a lot of fun, but little did we know that the stems of these fake flowers were made of wire clearly forged on the planet Krypton. And, while we didn't have any Kryptonite with which to conquor these beasts (otherwise we would have had multi-foot long stems on everything), we did have a saw.

Below, you will find, for the sake of Historic Record Keeping and also the lulz, a photo-story illustrating the Fierce Battle of the Blooms:

(Also, hey, did you notice my cool use of Poladroid? It's that neat-o thing that probably everyone and their grandmother knows about, but in case you haven't played with it yet, click the above link. It's cool. I promise.)

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