Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Good News, Everyone!

I've just had a brilliant plan!

(And no one can stop me from making bad Futurama jokes, apparently.)

There is a reason K likes to keep me away from my blogroll full of DIY crafting blogs.

What if. JUST WHAT IF. I learned to master Sculpy (Hint: probably not). And then I'd be able to make ALL KINDS OF WILD THINGS. Like menu holders for the buffet! And the seating chart! And they could be shaped like ROBOTS!



Where are you all going?


  1. this is the cutest most hilarious post in the wedding blog world, gay or straight, hands down, ever.

  2. *laughing* I guess I'll really have to give it a try then. :B

    K will be so thrilled. And if she's not, I can show her all my Online Support From People Who Know What's What.